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About Us

For too many years the disability support system deprived people living with a disability of the power to choose how they wanted to live their lives.

Young people with a disability ended up in nursing homes or other forms of accommodation that were equally unacceptable.

The industry has also lacked empathy and can be faulted for not effectively identifying the core needs of the people it should be caring for.

Active Support Disability Service was created to return dignity to these groups of people.

We are committed to helping people living with a disability, and people impacted by alcohol and drugs and mental health conditions. We provide them with a safe place to call home and the support services that empower them towards independence and a quality of life they deserve.

We take the time to get to know our participants so that we can understand their needs. Everyone is unique and comes to us with their own set of challenges. It is only by listening that we can clearly identify what these needs are so we can successfully deliver a service that truly supports them.

Our staff are a caring and compassionate team who recognise the challenges before them but relish in the rewards of being able to help vulnerable people achieve independence, flourish and grow.

We are proud of our motto ‘Supporting You’, because support is what helps drive us to reach our potential and achieve our goals.

Actively supporting people living with a disability

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